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Student Visa Rejected Spikes Up: Here’s Why and the Effect


Here is Why Australia Rejected Student Visa Application and The Effect

It was reported that the numbers of Student Visa being rejected spiked up in the last 2 quarters of 2023. The recent update about the new Migration Strategy, which is expected to commence this year, also becomes a hot discussion amongst the educational institutions and study agencies.

International students are experiencing the effects of Australia’s migration strategy the most, which range from significantly higher Student Visa refusal rates to delayed visa processing and, in certain situations, the withdrawal of offers from Australian universities.

We fully understand how devastating it is when your Student Visa is rejected, so we are here to ease your concern with the complete information on why it happens and what the effects are.

Latest Student Visa Refusal Rates

In the final two quarters of 2023, up to 1 in 5 international students had their student visa rejected; this number increased to over a third for students from Pakistan and India and over half for students from Nepal.

The number of student visas being rejected also alarmed the Australian educational institutions, as the rejections are attributed to the institutions and have an impact on their capacity to successfully recruit students.

It leads some institutions to withdraw the confirmation of enrollment for the prospective students whose student visa applications were most likely to be rejected or have been in the queue for a long time. Some institutions even narrowed down the source countries.

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Why is Australia Rejecting Student Visa Application

Why is Australia Rejecting Student Visa Application?

Applications for Student Visas may be rejected by Australia for a variety of reasons. The expected changes, which include a higher English proficiency score and a Genuine Student Test, can be the factors behind a Student Visa refusal.

It has even been showed that a large number of students were denied because their home economies provide less opportunities for employment than Australia’s.

It is important to note that the Australian Government has the right to assess the applicant’s genuine intention to stay temporarily as a student based on their home country situation, and it includes the economic, political and civil unrest situation in the applicant’s home country.

So, it is not a totally new thing if the Government refused your Student Visa application due to your home country’s economic situation as the country has been doing it so far. You can learn here that your home country situation plays an important role in meeting the Genuine Student Test.

Is there any Butterfly Effect Behind It?

Yes, surely there are butterfly effects awaiting ahead. The migrants have contributed economically, socially, and culturally, shaping Australian society and bringing vibrancy and diversity to the country. Migration has impacted Australia’s economy and society significantly.

Including the international students and education sector who also play an important role for the Australian economy. The release from Universities Australia shows in 2022, education contributed over $29 billion to the economy. Of this amount, $25.5 billion came from overseas students studying in Australia, and an additional $3.5 billion came from students studying online. Not to mention how many international students ended up being the skilled migrants that the country needs.

It is hoped that the Australian Government would clarify soon on the expected changes, so the country will not lose any opportunities of having skilled migrants to develop the economy.

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Overall, What Should You Do if Your Student Visa is Rejected?

The available options you can do after your Student Visa being rejected are either submitting a review application to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal or re-apply for the visa.

Be noted that you can submit the review application only if the refusal letter says you have the review right. If it does not, then you have the option to re-apply for the Student Visa.

And if you decide to re-apply for the Student Visa, ensure that you have met the requirements and could address all concerns that were mentioned in your first application.

Both applications are complex, so if you are not confident in doing one of these by yourself, consider to have a consultation session with our Migration Agent:

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