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Graduate Visa 485 Regulation Changes 2020 Concession COVID-19


Temporary Graduate Visa Post-study Stream (Subclass 485) Concession For Regional Areas Applicant

Covid-19 Pandemic has caused all sorts of problems such as economic hardship, lack or loss of work, travel restrictions and international students are one of the groups most affected. However if you yourself are an international student you’ll be happy to know the Australian government has attempted to address these problems by introducing Temporary Graduate visa Post-study stream (Subclass 485) concessions. 

This visa allows international students that have graduated from regional areas to temporarily stay and work in Australia. 

Temporary Graduate Visa Post-study Stream (Subclass 485) Changes 2020 Concession COVID-19

What Is The Temporary Graduate Visa Post-Study Stream (Subclass 485)?

Temporary Graduate Visa Post-Study Stream (485), is a temporary visa for recent international student graduates that allows them to live and work in Australia for 2-4 years with the possibility of bringing your family over as well. Temporary Graduate Visa Post-Study Stream (485) is broken down into 3 different regional categories:

  • “Major Cities” such as Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane will not receive any regional incentive (Category 1);
  • Major Regional Centres and Cities” including Adelaide, the Sunshine Coast, the Gold Coast, Canberra, Newcastle/Lake Macquarie, Perth, Geelong, Hobart and Wollongong/ Illawarra ( Category 2);
  • Regional Centres and Other Regional Areas (Category 3).

New Concessions For Regulations For The Temporary Graduate Visa Post-study Stream (Subclass 485)

Part of the changes to the Temporary Graduate visa Post-study stream (Subclass 485) includes 1-2 year extensions on the visa depending on your regional area. Since working opportunities have been few due to the economic impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic this will give graduates additional time to secure work which may lead to more and possibly permanent visa options. 

Although the Temporary Graduate Visa Post-Study Stream (485) COVID-19 Concessions in terms of extension only apply to students on a Graduate visa of regional areas, there have been other concessions made to help support international students. This announcement was made on July 20th by The Minister of Immigration, Citizenship, Migrant Services and Multicultural Affairs Alan Tudge.

Who Will Be Eligible For One-Year Extension Of Temporary Graduate Visa Post-study Stream (Subclass 485)?

Those eligible are residents of regional areas in category 2 as listed above. This means that you will be given an extra year in which to be able to find work in your chosen occupation since given the pandemic this has been quite difficult. 

The one-year extension on Temporary Graduate 485 will be available for you to apply to by 2021 if you have spent at least two years in regional areas listed above and graduated from regional institutions. This will be a good way of both the government giving back to you in these difficult times but also for you to give back to the region of Australia which you have taken up residence in recent times. These temporary visa streams can offer pathways to longer stay work visas and eventually permanent residence.

To check your eligibility for this graduate visa extension, you may speak to one of our VISA EXPERTS here.

Temporary Graduate Visa 485 Extension

Are You Eligible For The Two-Year Extension Of Temporary Graduate Visa Post-Study Stream (Subclass 485)?

If you are currently residing and studying in regional areas category 3, you can apply for the two-year extension as a second Temporary Graduate Visa post-study stream (Subclass 485). As opposed to metropolitan areas this more remote regional areas will be hit harder by the economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic as such the 2 year extension concession is a way for these areas to keep hold of skilled workers like those of you that are graduates that will be needed in for economic recovery to happen.

When Does The Concession For Temporary Graduate Visa Post-Study Stream (Subclass 485) Begin?

The concession commenced from 19 September 2020. The Migration Amendment (COVID-19 Concessions) new regulations will be applied for the Temporary Graduate Visa post-study stream (Subclass 485) and other visas as well. This means you may have a chance to extend your stay in Australia to find work and the possibility of switching to a different visa stream such as a work visa if you wish to continue to make your life in Australia. We would be happy to discuss these possibilities and answer any question you might have.  Currently, the end of concession date has not yet been announced as many people are still dealing with challenges arising from the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic.

What Happens If You Do Not Dwell In A Regional Areas?

If you are worried about your visa situation during this Pandemic period you’ll be happy to know that along with the announcement of the extensions there are some other changes in regulation during the concession period for Temporary Graduate visa Post-study stream (Subclass 485) applicants that may benefit International Students.

What If I’m Currently Overseas, Will I Still Be Able To Apply?

If you as a student have been unable to return to Australia due to travel restrictions caused by COVID-19, you will now be able to apply for and be granted the Temporary Graduate Visa Post-Study Stream (485) from overseas during this concession period. This will give you the option of returning to Australia to live and work once the travel bans have ended. As an extra benefit your visa will commence from the date you are able to return.

Temporary Graduate Visa Post-Study Stream (485) concession

Suspension Of 6 Month End Of Studies Requirement For 485 Application

Previously Temporary Graduate visa Post-study stream (Subclass 485) required you to apply 6 months after finishing your studies (which still applies for onshore applicants) because of the inability for graduates to return at the moment it will be suspended during this concession period. If you’re a graduate that is stuck unable to return to Australia this year this means you might still be eligible for Temporary Graduate Visa Post-Study Stream (485).

Remote/Online Learning Now Eligible For Subclass 485

If you are a student that has had to move away from face-face learning to remote/online learning because of the Pandemic, you will also still be eligible for the Temporary Graduate Visa Post-Study Stream (485). 

Extension For Completion Of English Language Requirements

The extension will also be given for Temporary Graduate Visa Post-Study Stream (485) applicants that may have not yet met their English requirements yet such as the IELTS as the pandemic has disrupted the ability to take these types of tests.

All these measures have been put into place by the Australian Government to help and support international students, we are here to guide you through these changes and how they may benefit you and your future as a graduate or international student in these difficult times.

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