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457 Temporary Working Visa Case Study – Roxanne’s Story


Roxanne’s Story as a 457 Temporary Working Visa Case Study:

My name is Roxanne.

I am a French citizen.

I graduated from high school in 2008 and went on to study my certificates in cookery.

In 2013 I had completed my diploma in Commercial Cookery and was looking at completing an advanced diploma.

I had been working part time as a sous chef at a local restaurant in my village in France during my studies and had planned to continue on with the company as head chef after completion of my Advanced Diploma.

The owner John was originally from Australia and had come to France to work as a head chef for a top restaurant 10 years prior.

He had come from a family of chefs.

His father was a chef.

His mother a pastry cook.

Even his brother had a successful restaurant back in Australia.

Being a very good friend of my families he was so thrilled that I had accepted the position that he agreed to finance my final year of study.

In the summer of 2014 I had finally completed my Advanced Diploma and began work as head chef.

I thoroughly loved my job.

I was very passionate about cooking and I could not have asked for a better company to work for.

Food was my life and my life was food.

In late 2015 John’s brother was involved in a car accident and he had decided he was going to go back to Australia and help look after his brother’s restaurant while he was in hospital.

I was to be left in charge of the business until such time as he was able to come back.

Things were going really well and after a few months John returned.

Unfortunately his brother was not doing so well he had lost the use of both his legs and would no longer be able to work cheffing.

John would have to close his business in France and move back to Australia to take over the family business.

John had asked me if I would be interested in the possibility of working with him in Australia, as a head chef.

He liked the dynamics we had and we did work well together.

I had never really thought about working abroad but it certainly excited me.

What a wonderful opportunity to experience life in another country.

And to be doing what I love and what I am so passionate about.

I accepted the offer.

The first thing I needed to do was to research the migration laws for Australia.

I was well aware I could not just move there and start working without the proper documentation or visa.

Fortunately for me John knew a little about migrating for work as he had done so himself prior but this was not France, it was a different country all together.

So I looked on the internet to gather as much information as possible, but I had no idea where to start.

It was extremely confusing and extremely frustrating.

I would read something and then read the complete opposite.

There were so many different types of working visas.

I was in way over my head and totally confused.

This was when we decided to contact ONE derland Consulting.

An Australian migration agency that specialized in Australian migration and visas.

John and I arranged to have a video consultation with senior registered migration agent Mrs. Indah Melindasari and I am thrilled that we did.

Indah was able to advise me on which working visa I would be eligible to apply for.

She also explained the process in detail and I was finally able to understand how migration laws worked in Australia.

Indah advised me to apply for the Temporary Work Skilled Visa (Subclass 457).

This was a temporary 4 year working visa.

She had suggested this 457 Temporary working visa type as I had never been to Australia before.

She also explained to me the benefit of holding a temporary working visa.

For a permanent visa I would need to outlay a large amount of money and should I find I do not like the country it would be a waste of my money.

This way I could see if I liked it and after 4 years if I am settled and happy and want to stay permanently I would be able to apply for PR later on.

That suited me.

This was a big step leaving family and friends behind, but a great opportunity on the same hand.

A temporary working visa was perfect.

There was also the eligibility requirements.

These were different depending on which subclass of visa I was applying for.

I would have had no idea whether I was eligible or not.

Indah was able to assess me and advise me on what I would need to do to ensure my eligibility.

I had the sponsor, I had the right qualifications, my occupation was on the list of eligible skilled occupations, I certainly had the experience.

But what I did not have was any proof of my English language capability.

Had I have not had a consultation with ONE derland Consulting I would never have known that this was an important part of the criteria and could possibly have had my visa refused.

Through Indah’s advice I was able to take an IELTS test and gain the sufficient points needed.

Indah and her expert migration team at ONE derland Consulting took over the application for both me and John.

They saved me the time the stress and the hassle so I was able to concentrate on preparing myself for a big move and change in life.

Indah ensured that my application was 100% ready before submitting and so my chance of approval was good.

My working  visa was approved in less than 5 months of Indah and her team lodging my application.

I have been in Australia now for the last two years and I couldn’t be happier.

I am still working with John and in that 2 years Indah and the team at ONE derland Consulting have helped with my Mother and Sister’s visitor visa’s to come and visit me here in Australia.

I highly recommend that if you are considering applying for a working visa for Australia to speak with the team at ONE derland Consulting.

They have assisted me above and beyond what I had ever expected and I will certainly be employing their service again when I am ready to apply for my permanent Visa.”

ONE derland Consulting As Trusted Migration Agent For Temporary Work Visa

ONE derland Consulting is a Migration Agency completely dedicated to helping people migrate to Australia the right way.

We make the process of getting your visa SO much easier and we can also make it much more likely for you, as our client, to be granted the visa you are after.

Our Senior Registered Migration Agent, Indah Melindasari, is a registered agent with Australian Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA).

Her MARA number: 0961448, which she has obtain after taking this profession since 2009, when she migrated to Australia from Indonesia herself.

We are regulated in our professional practice and are bound by the profession’s Code of Conduct issued by the Migration Agents Registration Authority, this we follow with conviction.

We also have personal experience in studying in Australia, where our agent obtained her degree to become an agent, and know what Immigration is looking for in your visa application.

We had successfully handling various Australian visa applications in 8 years of extensive experience to know not only the rules and regulations for each type of visa, but what documentation you need to have along with your application.

This is tailored fitted to each of our client’s individual circumstances and our only goal is to make sure you can not only come over to Australia, but achieve your goals.

Whether it be to study the course you are after, be eligible to work here or to be with that special someone you love in Australia.

We will make it our personal mission to make sure you get what you want.

We can assist you with the follow types of visas:

  • Partner visas
  • Skilled General Migration visas (working visas)
  • Students visas
  • Visitor visas
  • Parent Visas
  • Citizenship Applications
  • Resident Return Visas
  • Child visas
  • Refusal or Overstay options
  • MRT/AAT appeal

Book an appointment with Mrs. Indah now and explore the best possible pathway for your Australian migration.

Got any question about Subclass 457 Temporary Work Visa? Don’t hesitate to call us on +61 8 9477 5831 or send us question to our email at [email protected].

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