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12 Tips on How to Pass Writing IELTS Test Australian Visa

12 Tips on How to Pass Writing IELTS Test Australian Visa


Australian visa applicants, if you wish to migrate to Australia via skilled or working visa you need to demostrate you have an above average level of writing skills. One of the main requirements is that you able to show that you pass Writing IELTS Test Australian Visa requirements.

How about if we show you some tips on writing those difficult essays?

How to pass IELTS wirting test

These 12 tips will help you pass Writing IELTS test Australian Visa requirements :

  1. Make sure you read the question carefully and it would be good to underline all the information you are going to include. This works differently for each one, the report and the essay.
  2. Often times, you will find background information and the question itself in the essay. Please be sure to fully answer the question in your writing and do not write generally about the essay topic. If you use an essay you have written about the same topic, a lot of marks will be deducted.
  3. With the report, all the information you will need will be in the graph or chart, depending on what they use. Identify key points before you start writing, so you can be sure to include them all.2. Think and plan — BEFORE you write
  4. It is important to finish both essays before your time runs out, but just starting to write without planning anything could cost you. If you go about your essay this way, you may get half way through it and realize you can’t finish. Just be sure to only start your writing when you know how to finish. With the essay you could use 10 minutes to plan and 5 minutes with the report, the more you think the better and quicker you will write. This means 2 to 3 minutes would certainly not be enough.3. Don’t forget to count your words.
  5. You need at least 250 in the essay and 150 in the report. If it states 150 words, this means you need to have at least 150 words. You can always write more, but not less.4. Too many words can cause errors
  6. The more words you write, the more likely it is you will make mistakes. Your aim should be for 260 to 280 for the essay, and 160 to 180 for the report. This is because your efficiently and quality will drop when you increase the number of words you write.5. DO NOT copy entire sections of the question
  7. Copying sections of the question can cause you to lose the number of words you needed, you can go from having 260 words in the essay to having 230 words. Examiners do not count those words in your word count.6. Time is not your friend — keep an eye out
  8. This can be an issue, it is important to keep moving, stick to your plan and keep watch on your time. Don’t take more than 40 minutes on your essay, as you need 20 to answer task 1 properly.7. Which to do first, the essay or the report?
  9. The essay is worth twice as many marks as the report, so my suggestion would be to start with the essay to ensure you finish it. Just be sure to leave 20 minutes, as 15 minutes is not enough to do the report.8. Check when you’ve finished your writing
  10. It is always sound advice to check your writing for grammatical errors. Try and write down a checklist of the errors you make most and bring them with you, as this can help you correct your writing.9. Consider your range of vocabulary
  11. Look over your writing to see if you have unneeded word repetition. You are graded on your variety of your language. Don’t get too worried, this doesn’t mean you have to use long or complex words, rather it means use precise words.10. Make an impression on the examiner — Be organized
  12. You need to make a good first impression on the examiner; to do this you should make your writing look neat with complete paragraphs to separate ideas or information. This way the examiner is on your side, if your writing looks disorganised with no paragraphs, they will not be impressed.


Published On: August 6th, 2016 / Categories: General Info /

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