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Tips to Pass Listening IELTS Test for Australian Visa


Tips To Pass Listening IELTS Test For Australian Visa Or Migration

Do you want to know how you can show that you are able to pass listening IELTS Test for Australian Visa.

When you apply for Australian Visa, you need to demonstrate a good level of listening skills. IELTS is commonly used to measured visa applicants level of english.

A good listening skills is a compulsory if you wish to migrate to Australia via the skilled or working stream.

Our tips for the  listening section of the IELTS test. You may have heard it said before that all you need to do on this section is practice, well as good as practice is I believe there to be more skills involved. Look at the skills below to get a better feel on the Listening IELTS test for Australian Visa:

1. Try to read before you listen — predict your answers

  • This can be one of the more difficult parts the exam, that you’re not only listening but reading the question and writing the answer all at the same time.
  • One simple piece of advice is to read the question before you listen, so you can figure out what your listening for. This can be a difficult skill to master, but it can help you predict the type of answer you are searching for. Such as, it is a number or the name of a person?

2. Concentrate on the whole question — read as you listen

  • A large amount of mistakes occur not because you didn’t listen well enough, but because you weren’t focused on what the question said. Look at the exact wording of the question to help you get the right answer.

3. Keep an eye on two questions at once

  • Listening can be difficult because one answer will often come right after the other, and the only way to get them right is to be ready for the next question.
  • It may not be any issue to get one question wrong, but what happens when your looking for answer 10 when the cassette has moved on to question 12, now you have completely lost track of where you are.

4. Please don’t leave the writing till the end

  • Sometimes candidates leave the writing part till the end, thinking they can remember everything they just heard. Let me be the one to tell you, this does not work, it is far too much information to keep track of.
  • You’re under pressure, stressed, in a little bit of a time crunch and after listening you should be going on to the next set of questions to read them.

5. Get acquainted with your short hand writing skills

  • Understand that you don’t have to write everything down while you’re listening. You will have 10 minutes at the end to write your full response down on your answer sheet.
  • So what you could do is learn to write enough down to recognise while you are listening to remember what you are trying to say, the only exception to this is part 1. In part 1, you must write everything out in full because it has to do with exact numbers and names.

6. Double check your spelling — numbers and names

  • In part 1, you will be required to spell names and write down numbers. This doesn’t sound too hard, but the truth of the matter is, you miss the mark if you spell anything wrong.
  • Of course you know your alphabet, but sometimes letters can even cause issues for the advanced student. Especially, the letters J, G, Y, I, A and E. You could always make an association you remember, like A is for alpha, for all of the more difficult letters.

7. Try to be careful not to write the answer too quickly

  • Make sure you listen to everything, as the speaker could correct themselves or give slightly different information then what you wrote down.
    • “For example, “So I will see you on Friday morning then?”
    • “Well, no actually Friday isn’t good for me. How about Monday afternoon?”
    • “Okay, Monday at 2 pm then.”

8. Try to be sure not to leave any answers blank

  • I can think of two reasons for this. First, you could very well be right with your guess, particularly if the question is multiple choice. Second, if you leave answers blank it could cause a serious mess on your answer sheet because you wrote the answers in the wrong boxes.

9. Listen for information that is repeated

  • This doesn’t always work, but if you need to guess at a question, sometimes the repeated data may very well be the right answer.

10. Try to be sure not to leave any answers blank

11. Search for clues in the question

  • A common question type is completing a table; in this type of question the other information in the table can give you clues to the answer you’re looking for.

That is eleven useful tips to pass listening IELTS test for Australian Visa.

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