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Visa 407: Training visa – Gain the Work Experience for a Visa 482


Visa 407: Training visa – Gain the Work Experience for a Visa 482

What is the Training Visa 407?

Training visa 407 is a temporary visa for applicants to undertake training within a nominated occupation or develop their career skills in Australia. The Training visa 407 lets the applicant gain the work experience, acquire registration or meet licensing requirements required to further their careers in Australia and meet requirements for future visas such as the Temporary Skill Shortage visa (subclass 482).

The Training visa 407 will only allow the holder to work and undergo within the specified field and exclusively for the temporary activities sponsor. The sponsor can nominate the applicant under 3 different categories of training:

  • Vocational training required for registration in your field.
  • Vocational training to improve skills in an eligible occupation
  • Vocational training for capacity building overseas.

Applying for the Visa 482 after the Training Visa 407

To apply for the visa 482 there are work and skills requirements that will need to be met. The training visa 407 can help bridge the gap to satisfying the requirements to apply for the visa 482. The requirements that will need to be met are:

  • Have the relevant skills and qualifications for your occupation
  • Have at least two (2) years of work experience in your occupation

The training visa 407 can help in both these aspects, although the length of the visa will be dependent on the course it can be valid for up to 2 years.

If your nominated occupation for the visa 482 requires you to a certain level of skill or registration from an authoritative association in your field. The Training Visa 407 can be the start you need to gain Australian work experience, licensing or registration needed to be able to work in Australia and be eligible for a further work visa.

The 482 visa is one of the most common work visas under the employer sponsored scheme. There are 3 main streams of the 482 visa:

  • Short-term Stream
  • Medium-term Stream
  • Labour agreement

Applying for the Visa 482 after the Training Visa 407

All 3 streams of the 482 visa have a pathway to permanent residence and all there have requirements that the Training visa 407 can help you achieve, these are:

  • Work experience (2 years)
  • Skills assessment
  • Approved sponsor

With the Training Visa 407 you will also require a sponsor, it is however a different classification of sponsor than that required for the 482 visa.

This means that your sponsor for the Training visa 407 might not necessarily become the sponsor for your 482 visa but this is still a great way to begin your network within your industry and occupation.

Taking a training course in your industry/nominated occupation can give you valuable insight and connections that even your university course may not have been able to offer to assist you in finding future employer sponsors.

Can Training Visa 407 lead to PR?

Yes, although it is not a direct pathway this visa can lead you to and help you meet the requirements for both skilled migration and employer sponsored scheme visa that will lead towards PR.

Regarding the 482 visa specifically as of July 1st 2022 all 3 streams will offer a pathway to PR, whereas previously the short-term stream did not have a direct pathway.

The common permanent residency pathway is by applying for Employer Nomination Scheme (subclass 186) Visa or applying for General Skilled Migration visa subclasses.

If you choose to go this route and apply for the Visa 186 to get a permanent residency, you must meet the following criteria:

  • For Visa 186 Direct Entry Stream, you must have held Visa 482 for 2 years and worked for the same employer. You would also need to take a Skills Assessment.
  • For Visa 186 Transition Stream, you must have held Visa 482 for 3 years and worked for the same employer. You are not required to take a Skills Assessment.

There are also options for PR through the general skilled migration pathways which are points based and do not require a sponsor, Just be aware this requires other criteria such as an EOI, nomination from a state or territory and meeting the points minimum.

Can I work Full Time on a Training Visa 407?

Yes, in fact the Training Visa 407 requires you to work at least 30 hours a week as part of your training program. This work can only be undertaken for your sponsor and relevant to your training course.

For any dependent family members that join you on this visa also have access to unlimited working hours in whatever occupation they choose.

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