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Travel Exemption for Australian Citizen and PR COVID-19


Australian Citizens and Permanent Residents May Travel Overseas During COVID-19 With Strict Conditions

Are you an Australian citizen or a Permanent Resident? Would you like to travel overseas? Do you have any specific circumstances that need you to leave Australia as soon as possible? 

In these unprecedented times, you must think twice before deciding to travel outside Australia. You must take some consideration, such as your health, your finances, and how some parts of the international borders are still close.

We understand that you have your own reasons why you need to travel overseas during COVID-19. Some people may be missing their loved ones or may want to travel based on compassionate, compelling or humanitarian grounds and other factors. The Australian government has received  more than 30,000 requests from Australian citizens and Permanent Residents to leave Australia. 

As part of regulation, If you are an Australian citizen or a Permanent Resident, you would need to apply for a travel exemption first before you can leave Australia.

This travel exemption is a mandatory procedure from the Australian government before you leave Australia. You should be granted this exemption to be able to arrange your travel overseas. The Australian government will assess your situations on a case by case basis depending on your circumstances. You would need to provide compelling reasons to be able to get the travel exemption during COVID-19 Pandemic.

What are the requirements to apply for the travel exemptions during COVID-19? 

If you wish to travel during COVID-19 Pandemic, you would need to meet the specific requirements listed below, such as:

  • Your travel is in regards to the national interest;
  • Your travel is based on compassionate or humanitarian grounds;
  • You need to travel because you have to get a medical treatment that is not available in Australia;
  • Your travel is in regards to urgent personal business, including the critical business industries for export and import;
  • Your travel is a part of COVID-19 outbreak, such as distributing the aid, medical provision, etc.

If you do meet any of the above reasons to get the travel exemption, then you must be wondering, what documents should I provide to get the permission to travel?

Documentations that you need to provide to apply for travel exemption during COVID-19

You would need to be aware and be ready with the complete documentation before applying for the travel exemptions. These documents can include:

  • Your ID documents, such as your passport, birth certificate, national ID (if any), driver license, etc;
  • Any documents showing your relationship status, such as marriage certificate, bank account, shared utility bills, etc;
  • Any evidence showing your intention to move overseas on a long-term basis, such as lease agreement, job offer, etc;
  • Any evidence of your medical circumstances, such as a letter from doctors, medical report, medication prescription, etc;
  • Any evidence of your personal business ties which is unavoidable, such as letter you’re your employer, evidence of business, evidence of work that you will need to do, etc;
  • Personal statement in regards to your circumstances, stating why you need to leave Australia, why you will need to return after your departure, etc;
  • Any other related documents to support your claim, such as death certificate, proof of current visa, etc.

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