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7 Reasons Australian Tourist Visa Refused or Rejected 2023


7 Reasons Australian Tourist Visa Refused or Rejected

Have you already planned a beautiful trip to Australia that was ruined by the news that your Australian Tourist Visa was Refused or Rejected?

Sure, it is such unfortunate news to hear and must be very frustrating for you.

But don’t worry, this doesn’t mean that your holiday plans have ended just like that.

There might still be some other opportunities available for you. You can reapply for the same visa or based on your eligibility, you can apply for a different type of visa.

If you want to reapply for the same visa, you should find out the reasons for your visa refusal first. This can help you to avoid another refusal in the next application.

Once you know what the reason is, you can avoid the same mistakes and start preparing for the new application. You need to make sure that you provide accurate information and complete documents, which might persuade the case officer that your case has sufficient merit for a visa grant.

In Summary, here are 7 Reasons Why Tourist Visa Get Refused:

  1. You are from High Risk Country;
  2. You have history of visa refusal previously;
  3. Inconsistent document and information with your application;
  4. Lack of evidence;
  5. False and Misleading Documents;
  6. Failing to meet health requirements;
  7. Failing to meet character requirements.

Another option you may consider is to apply for the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) to review your Tourist visa decision. You may be able to apply for the AAT review if the Department of Immigration allows you to review the decision of your Tourist visa application.

The AAT review can take a long time of processing, it can be around 12 to 18 months depending on the case category. As of January 2023, the fee for Administrative Appeals Tribunal review application is AUD 3,153.

Before you decide to reapply for a Tourist visa or apply for the AAT review, it is better to find out the reasons why your Australian Tourist visa was refused or rejected.

Australian Visa Application Refusal - What Are Your Options and How to Appeal

But before we talk about the reason why your Australian Tourist visa gets refused, let’s keep one thing in mind:

The Australian Department of Home Affairs is very strict in regards to eligibility criteria for Australian visas.

And it is a fact that the Australian tourist visa is one of the most popular visas applied for every year.

There are several reasons why a visa can be refused or rejected.

As an experienced migration agent, we helped many people going through their Australian tourist visa refusal.

And based on our experience, we can spot the pattern, and pinpoint the common reasons why Australian tourist visas were refused by the Australian immigration authority.

Do you have a tourist or visitor visa refused? Feel free to arrange a consultation with our registered migration agent and we can discuss the best plan for you.

Below we take a look at the reasons why an Australian Tourist visa refused or rejected by the Australian Immigration authority in more detail.

Australian Tourist Visa Refused or Rejected by Australian Immigration

Australian Tourist Visa Refused or Rejected by Australian Immigration. Here are the reasons why!

1. You are most likely to face Australian Tourist Visa Rejection if you come from a high-risk country and are applying for the wrong visa

The immigration will assess your visa application by your country of origin. If you are coming from a high-risk country, there is a high chance that your application will be rejected.

It is essential to research the type of visitor visa you are applying for by consulting with a migration agent, as there are several different types of them available.

A subclass number categorizes each visa—for example, the ETA (Electronic Transfer Authority Subclass 601).

This particular subclass will only allow those from a low-risk country to apply.

The Australian Government considers some countries as a high-risk country. High-risk countries are those who are not ETA (Electronic Transfer Authority) eligible.

If you apply for the wrong subclass of visa, the risk of refusal is high.

To learn whether or not your country is on the list of high-risk countries, please refer to the article below.

Read More: Visitor Visa Application From High-Risk Country.

2. You had received Australian Visa Refusal before or you did not meet the conditions of your previous visa.

Your history of visa application is also one essential point that is assessed by the Immigration Office.

Meeting the conditions of your Australian visa is very important, especially if you plan to revisit Australia in the future.

The department will take into consideration your past visa history when processing your application. And should you have not met the conditions of your previous visa before the chance of refusal is very high.

Conditions of a visa can include the following:

  • No Further Stay;
  • Not Allowed To Work;
  • Not Allowed To Study;
  • If the Immigration finds that you overstayed your visa or have not complied with your visa conditions you may face a 3-year ban and;
  • Any new visa you apply for will be refused.

If you would like to book a consultation about a visa refusal click here.

3. You will get an Australian Tourist Visa Rejection if there is inconsistency in your application.

While we may think it is easy to apply ourselves and fill out a few application forms, it is crucial to ensure that there are no inconsistencies in your application.

What is the risk of an inconsistent tourist visa application?

Should any inconsistency be found in your application, not only will your visa be refused, but you will not be allowed to appeal the refusal decision.

Having a registered migration agent ensures that your application is 100% accurate and consistent before submitting it.

Example of refusal letter based false and/or insufficient documents:

example refusal letter

4. Lack of evidence in the application will lead to an Australian Tourist Visa Refusal

The lack of evidence in your visitor visa application is a common reason why an Australian tourist visa refused or rejected.

You need to meet all the requirements to be granted the Australian tourist visa.

For example, you must be able to support your planned holiday financially. Otherwise, you must have a sponsor for your stay in Australia, the sponsor must be able to support you financially.

You must also be a genuine tourist who plans to return home after your trip has finished.

When applying for an Australian visa, there must be evidence to support your claims. If you do not show evidence, a visa refusal will surely be coming your way.

The most common reason for Australian Tourist Visa refusal is the lack of evidence of incentive to return home to one’s country.

The department needs to ensure that you are visiting for genuine purposes and not planning to arrive on a tourist visa and stay indefinitely.

Evidence of incentive to return home can include employment, family ties, and assets.

Example of bank statement showing sufficient funds:

bank statement edit

Proof of employment letter example:

employent agreement

Example of travel itinerary used as evidence:

Flight Itinerary

If you wish to get assistance in providing evidence and documents needed to be successful in your visa application, please book a consultation here or call us on 1300 827 159.

5. You will get an Australian Tourist Visa Refusal If You Supply Your Application With False and Misleading Documents

Supplying your visa application with false and misleading documents means an instant refusal. Furthermore, you will also receive a 3-year ban.

Any chance of future applications will run a very high risk of refusal due to a history of providing false and misleading information.

It is also against the law to provide false legal documents.

Example of refusal letter based false and/or insufficient documents:

refusal letter based false andor insufficient documents

6. Failing to meet health requirements means your Australian Tourist Visa will be rejected

Australia is a country with very high health standards.

And to be granted a visa for Australia, you must satisfy the department that you do not pose a health and safety risk to the Australian Public and community.

General health conditions such as a bad heart or diabetes do not mean that you will be unable to visit Australia. Although they do consider whether your health condition is a “significant healthcare and community service cost”. The 5 most conditions most commonly identified as affecting permanent visa applicants who have failed the health requirement are:

  • Intellectual impairment;
  • HIV infection;
  • Functional impairment;
  • Renal disease or failure;
  • Cancer.

The department’s primary concern is highly contagious diseases such as:

  • Measles outbreaks;
  • Tuberculosis;
  • HIV and hepatitis;
  • Yellow fever;
  • Polio;
  • Ebola Virus Disease (EVD).

If you have any of these diseases or have been exposed, you will not be permitted to visit Australia until you have completed the recommended treatment and successful re-testing.

Failure to provide a health clearance will result in visa refusal.

Read more about visa refusals here.

7. Failing to meet Character requirements means getting Australian Tourist Visa Rejected

When you apply for a Tourist Visa, The Immigration Office will assess many aspects so that the department will consider before they grant you a visa. One of those things is your character.

The department needs to be aware of any criminal convictions you may have ever had, not just in Australia, but in any country you have resided or visited.

Australian migration laws require all applicants to meet the character test and satisfy the Australian government that you are a law-abiding citizen.

It is a matter of public interest and safety that those permitted to visit, stay, or live in Australia will not pose a danger or become a threat to the community.

Failure to meet the character test or to provide the truth about any convictions you may have, or have had in the past will result in your Australian Visitor Visa refusal.

Example of translated national police clearance for character requirement:

national police clearance

The Migration Game Is Always Changing, We Are Always Prepared. No More Australian Visitor Visa Refusal, We Assist You To Get Your Visa Granted

It is also important to remember that Migration laws are always changing. That is the reason why it’s best to consult with a registered migration agent.

We are an experienced migration agent with immense knowledge in the complexity of the Australian Migration Law. We are in an excellent position to assist you and ensure you are not at risk of having your visa refused.

We can help you with ensuring you have the best chance of approval when applying for an Australian tourist visa.

We are based in Perth, even if you don’t live in Perth such as Melbourne or Sydney or Brisbane or Adelaide, we can still assist with your Visa Refusal process.

If you choose to go with a different agency to us, please make sure they are registered with the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA).

They assign every registered agent with a registration number, called a MARN.

When talking with an agent, you should always ask for the MARN before going any further, and especially before handing over any money.

If an agent is not registered with MARA, they might take your money and do the visa application for you; however, it is quite likely they will just take your money and disappear.

To check that your agent has given you a genuine number, you can check the name or number against the register on the MARA website.

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If you engage ONE derland Consulting to prepare your Visa application, we will assist you from the beginning to the end and make the process as easy as it should be and perform the following:

  1. Assess your eligibility for the best visa option. Before applying for a visa, we will provide you a consultation to choose the best visa option based on your circumstances. You may come to the discussion with your own visa preference, but if you are unsure about it, we will give you alternative options;
  2. Once you are eligible for an Australian visa, we will provide you with written agreements and quotes to process your application. This will cover our obligations and duty as a migration agent;
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  4. Our scope of work includes bridging visa applications if it’s required by the applicant;
  5. We will provide you with a dedicated Case Manager as your one point of contact. The Case Manager will assist you with your Australian visa application and keep you informed with the progress of your application;
  6. A tailored document checklist will be provided. We will provide you a tailored document checklist to ease you in preparing documents. The document checklist covers all of your personal circumstances and reasons for applying for an Australian visa;
  7. We will prepare all the supporting documents including a specified draft of submission, letter, and affidavit based on your personal circumstances to support your Australian visa application;
  8. Your application will be prepared by our Registered Migration Agent who will go through your documents in more detail, anything missing will be identified and rectified;
  9. All of our Australian visa applications are “Decision Ready”, what that means to you is faster processing time and very little risk of getting rejected or refused;
  10. All of our team are dedicated to serve our clients, we should be able to get back to you within 24 hours or less for any enquiries you may have.

We have a 98% success rate and we are one of the most recommended migration agents in Australia. Read our 4.9* score customer reviews.

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