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7 Reasons Australian Tourist Visa Refused or Rejected

7 Reasons Australian Tourist Visa Refused or Rejected

7 Reasons Australian Tourist Visa Refused or Rejected

Have you already planned a beautiful trip to Australia which was ruined by the news that your Australian Tourist Visa Refused or Rejected?

Sure, it is such unfortunate news to hear and must be very frustrating for you.

But don’t worry, this doesn’t mean that your holiday plans have ended just like that.

There might still be some other opportunities available for you. You can reapply for the same visa or based on your eligibility, you can apply for a different type of visa.

If you want to reapply for the same visa, you should find out the reasons for your visa refusal first. This can help you to avoid another refusal in the next application.

Once you know what the reason is, you can avoid the same mistakes and start preparing for the new application. You need to make sure that you provide accurate information and complete documents, which might persuade the case officer that your case has sufficient merit for a visa grant.

In Summary, here are 7 Reasons Why Tourist Visa Get Refused:

  1. You are from High Risk Country;
  2. You have history of visa refusal previously;
  3. Inconsistent document and information with your application;
  4. Lack of evidence;
  5. False and Misleading Documents;
  6. Failing to meet health requirements;
  7. Failing to meet character requirements.

Another option you may consider is to apply for the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) to review your Tourist visa decision. You may be able to apply for the AAT review if the Department of Immigration allows you to review the decision of your Tourist visa application.

The AAT review can take a long time of processing, it can be around 12 until 18 months depending on the case category. As per October 2020, the fee for Administrative Appeals Tribunal review application is AUD1,826.

Before you decide to reapply for a Tourist visa or apply for the AAT review, it is better to find out the reasons why your Australian Tourist visa was refused or rejected.

Australian Visa Application Refusal - What Are Your Options and How to Appeal 2021 (2)

But before we talk about the reason why your Australian Tourist visa gets refused, let’s keep one thing in mind:

The Australian Department of Home Affairs is very strict in regards to eligibility criteria for Australian visas.

And it is a fact that the Australian tourist visa is one of the most popular visas applied for every year.

There are several reasons why a visa can be refused or rejected.

As an experienced migration agent, we helped many people going through their Australian tourist visa refusal.

And based on our experience, we can spot the pattern, and pinpoint the common reasons why Australian tourist visas were refused by the Australian immigration authority.

Below we take a look at the reasons why an Australian Tourist visa refused or rejected by the Australian Immigration authority in more detail.

Australian Tourist Visa Refused or Rejected by Australian Immigration

Australian Tourist Visa Refused or Rejected by Australian Immigration. Here are the reasons why!

1. You are most likely to face Australian Tourist Visa Rejection if you come from a high-risk country and are applying for the wrong visa

The immigration will assess your visa application by your country of origin. If you are coming from a high-risk country, there is a high chance that your application will be rejected.

It is essential to research the