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Visa Application from Student Visa to 457 Visa to RSMS


How To Transition From Student Visa To 457 Visa to RSMS

This time, we are going to discuss case study from one of our clients who we assisted to get permanent residency transitioning from student visa to 457 to RSMS Visa.

In late 2009, 22 year old Aryanto (not in real name) an Indonesian citizen began studying in Australia doing a Diploma of Horticulture in Western Australia using a Student (subclass 572) visa.

Perth felt like home to Aryanto and he would often go into the city after class to find the best cafes to relax at or even study.

He especially adored Perth’s public parks and was amazed by how green and lush the grass always seemed to be, especially compared to his home city Jakarta, where open recreational spaces and greenery was always hard to find.

In late 2011 when Aryanto was about to finish his study at TAFE, he contacted ONE derland Consulting, inquiring about how he can find employment and gain an Australian permanent residency.

After having a comprehensive consultation with our Perth based Senior Migration Agent Indah Melindasari, and having explained that his end goal was actually to live in Australia permanently; we suggested that he first apply for the Work (Skilled) 457 Visa then after 2 years, transfer to a Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme – RSMS  (subclass 187) visa via the Temporary Residence Transition stream.

Student Visa to 457 Visa

This pathway would eventually lead to Australian permanent residency.

However the Work (Skilled) (subclass 457) visa or the 457 visa for short has various requirements which Aryanto would first have to meet in order to be eligible for transitioning from Student visa to 457 visa.

  • Firstly he would need an approved Australian business to sponsor him. Fortunately for him, ONE Derland Consulting offer a service to help him find the business who is willing to sponsor skilled workers on 457 visa.

  • His occupation would also need to be featured on the consolidated sponsors list (CSOL).

    CSOL is a list of occupations that are in demand in Australia. Aryanto’s nominated Occupation of “Gardener” was on the list.

  • He would have to meet the relevant skill level and have the relevant qualifications for the position.

  • The minimum salary offered by the sponsoring company (at that time) must be at least AUD $52,400 per annum and in the case that there is Australian employee in the company, working in the same position; his salary offer would have to be equivalent.

    This is known as the Market salary rate requirement.

  • with 457 visa, he would also be required to undertake an IELTS Test and score at least 5 in all components.

    Aryanto also met this requirement.

Having met all these conditions, Aryanto arranged for us to find a suitable company and within 2 months, we had secured him a job offer as a Gardener; perfectly in line with his recent Australian Diploma qualifications and passion for Horticulture.

Straight after finding the company, we were able to lodge the Temporary Work (Skilled) (subclass 457) Visa application for him and while it was being processed, immigration provided him with a Bridging Visa.

With our professional support, it only took one month for this visa to be granted.

He followed our advice and last February 2015, we helped him apply for the permanent RSMS (subclass 187) Visa after having worked fulltime in that same company for 2 years.

Just a month or so ago, his permanent working visa (RSMS) was granted.

That’s the story of Arianto whose obtain his permanent working visa after transitioning from student visa to 457 visa.

The possibilities to do what Aryanto had achieved is still wide open.

Are you the next one to fullfil their wish to live and working in Australia?

Mrs. Indah Melindasari, our registered migration agent will help you strategize the best plan to getting your preferred Australian visa.

We lay actionable step by step plan which each step bringing you closer to stay and work in Australia.

Those plan is backed with more than 8 years professional experiences of succeeding in handling many complex visa case from client all over the world.

Book an appointment with Mrs. Indah to start the first step of your journey to stay and work in Australia.

If you’d like to find out how we can help you do the very same thing and secure a permanent Australian working visa today, call our friendly Perth consultants on +61 08 94775831.

ONE derland Consulting has extensive experience in dealing with a complex case of working visa in which the applicant are coming from all over the world.  To find further information on Working visa’s in Australia and your eligibility, please contact our office on (+61) 089477-5831 or email: [email protected]

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