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What Visa is Needed for Marrying an Australian Citizen?


What Visa is Needed for Marrying an Australian Citizen?

A partner of an Australian Citizen, who wants to marrying an Australian Citizen, will apply for a prospective marriage visa.

This visa will allow you to come to Australia and get married.

In order to be eligible for this visa you must have a marriage date set and a venue booked and you must be able to provide evidence that your wedding preparations have begun.

In most cases after marriage, an applicant will want to remain and settle in Australia with their new Husband or wife.

In this case the applicant will then need to apply for a Partner visa on the basis of marriage.

If the applicant and sponsor are already married then only a partner visa will be required to be applied for to be able to reside in Australia.

To be eligible for a Prospective marriage visa you must have intentions of being married and have a date and venue booked.

You must also be able to show evidence of the history of your relationship, to prove that you are a genuine couple and not just getting married for the sole purpose of being able to live in Australia.

To be eligible for a Partner visa you must either be married to your partner or have been living as a defacto couple for a minimum of 12 months.

Again you must provide evidence of this and evidence of a genuine and continuing relationship.

Evidence of a genuine defacto and genuine continuing relationship can include things such as:

  • Photos, chats etc.
  • Joint assets,
  • Joint bank accounts,
  • Joint tenancy agreement.
  • Joint utilities bills/noticeably,
  • Witness statements,
  • Marriage certificate (If married),
  • Evidence of ability to financially support the applicant (Sponsor)

If you are unable to provide sufficient evidence to support your claims, the chance of your visa being refused is very high.

If your visa application is refused and you are already in Australia, you will be required to exit the country and should you wish to re-apply you would need to do so offshore.

It can be quite costly for an Australian Visa application, and not only would you have paid all that money for nothing, but you won’t be able to stay long term with your partner possibly causing you much worry, stress and heartache.

It is best to seek the help of a registered migration agent when applying for a Prospective marriage or Partner visa.

Having an agent assist you with your application will ensure that you have a 100% strong application reducing the risk of refusal.

At ONE derland consulting we have the knowledge and expertise when it comes to Prospective marriage and Partner visa applications.

Our senior migration agent Indah Melindasari has over 8 years experience in Australian Migration and Visas and is well learned in Australian Immigration laws and procedures.

Here’s what some of our clients have to say:

“On behalf of myself and my wife we would like to thank you and your team for excellent advice on securing my wife’s visa and would recommend any one trying to do this themselves not to.

Seek advice first, from ONE derland Consulting and let them do it for you otherwise you can be wasting your well earned money.

Make sure you stock pile any information to do with your relationship with your partner such as pics, money sent, travel docs and family friends. Thanks again ONE derland for all your expert advice.” – Mike

“Me and my fiancé were totally lost as to how we would one day settle down together, especially as she was from a high risk country that made getting a visa very tough (we had two rejected prior to utilising the crew at ONE derland Consulting).

Indah, and the rest of the team were absolutely awesome right from the start.

I had a meeting in person with Indah well before we applied for our visa, and she laid out the options and put absolutely no pressure on us to proceed.

They recommended a Prospective Marriage Visa for myself and my fiancé, explained to us exactly the process involved, and guided us right the way through.

As the processing time for this visa can be lengthy, to allow us to spend time together in the meantime, they assisted us in applying for a Visitor Visa, which was granted even though immigration had rejected our prior applications.

Throughout the entire process, any questions that we had (and we had a lot) were promptly answered and we were never left wondering.

We were always kept in the loop and they were always in constant communication.

I had a lot of confidence in these guys, but was still totally shocked when we had our PMV granted about 6 months sooner than expected! I can’t thank the team enough, having this visa granted has allowed us to finally put a clear plan in place for our future, and although we still have a way to go, were now on the right track!

This team is a well drilled, professional outfit and know exactly what they are doing, and I would highly recommend them to anyone or couple who are looking to gain entry into the country.” – Jesse and Mila

If you’re thinking about marrying an Australian citizen then applying for a Marriage visa, Partner visa or even both why not give ONE derland consulting a call.

We offer a special deal for those wanting to apply for both the Marriage and Partner visa as a package. You can book a personal consultation with Indah by calling our office on:

Western Australia – 08 9477 5831

Victoria – 03 9088 4114

New South Wales – 02 9188 2065

Or alternatively you can visit our contact page and chat live with a consultant now.

We would love to help you achieve your dreams of migrating to Australia.

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