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Visa Refusal Case Study : Submitting Bogus Document


Visa Refusal Case Study : Refused After Submitting Bogus False Documents

Visa Refusal Case Study based on John and Candy’s Story

In this visa refusal case study we will show you how submitting bogus false documents only jeopardize your chance of getting your preferred visa.

John and Candy first met on holiday in Bali.

The moment they saw each other they knew they had to meet.

After John plucked up the courage to introduce himself and using the excuse that he was lost, Candy and John started chatting and Candy asked John if he would like her to show him around.

Of course John accepted and they exchanged numbers agreeing to meet up that evening so that Candy could show John the local culinary and he could try some authentic Indonesian food.

After that evening John and Candy never looked back.

They got along so well and enjoyed each other’s company.

Soon it was time for John to return home and the weeks had passed so quickly without him even realising that his holiday was over and he would have to say goodbye to Candy.

Upon returning home John really missed Candy and it was then that he realized he wanted and needed to see her again and that his feelings for her were more than just friendship.

They spoke every day, and soon John would come to realise that Candy felt the same way about him.

Time passed and after many visits back to Bali to see Candy their relationship had flourished.

John and Candy were a real couple and spent every moment they could together when John was able to be there.

It was always so hard for John to say goodbye to Candy when he had to return home, and each time he would leave it would get even harder, but for Candy it was becoming devastating and due to John’s work commitments in Australia it was becoming longer between visits.

John was unable to fly back to Bali quite so often.

Option of Candy Coming to Visit Australia

It was then that John and Candy discussed the option of Candy coming to visit in Australia.

Even though John had to work, at least he would be able to spend his free time with Candy in person rather than over video calls and messages.

John knew it would make Candy happy to be close to him and what better gift could he give to her than to go on a holiday to Australia.

Candy couldn’t have been happier at this idea, but there was a lot to organize, she didn’t even hold a passport, and that was certainly the first thing that needed to be organized.

The day Candy’s Passport arrived, she was over the moon with excitement and so was John.

They were one step closer to being together again, and John was overjoyed at the prospect that Candy would get to see his country and his home and meet his family and friends.

John and Candy decided to lodge the application for an Australian Visitor Visa immediately.

They were longing to be together and assumed the sooner they submitted the application the sooner they would be together.

So John and Candy began the process of getting together all the documentation that would be needed to apply.

They were desperate to be together and wanted to make the application look as good as possible to ensure Candy’s visa would be approved.

In wanting this so badly, there were a few things that were required for the application that they didn’t have, so out of desperation they decided to use a bogus or false document.

You see the situation was that Candy was not employed.

John and Candy were worried that if the Department of Immigration saw that Candy did not work they would think she had no reason to return home to Indonesia after her holiday, and may be wanting a visitor visa to look for work in Australia and stay permanently, which is illegal.

As evidence of reasons to return are required for the application to be approved John and Candy assumed they could fake a place of employment for Candy.

John thought that the Department of Immigration would never know.

He assumed that they must have so many applications on a daily basis, surely they wouldn’t have the time to call everyone’s employer for confirmation!

With all of their documentation ready, John and Candy lodged their Australian Visitor Visa application.

There was so much excitement and planning for Candy’s visit to Australia.

John and Candy talked everyday about the things they would do, the places he would take her and the food she would try.

John and Candy were so happy planning everything, only to be completely shattered when news came that Candy’s Visa was rejected.

The Department of immigration did check Candy’s employment.

In fact they checked everything! It seemed to John that this process was not as simple and easy as he had originally thought it would be and Candy’s Visa was denied on the basis of supplying false and misleading documents.

It was at this time that Candy almost gave up.

She stated to John she couldn’t handle the distance apart and wondered if maybe it would be better if they went their separate ways.

John would have none of this.

He was going to be with Candy regardless.

John did not want and could not live without her.

John had been planning to propose to Candy in Australia as a surprise when she arrived, but as the Visa was refused and with his Boss not being too happy about it, John took some time off work and flew over to see her immediately.

Fast forward a few more months and John and Candy were married in April, in a beautiful ceremony in Bali Indonesia.

It was the most wonderful day of their life.

John’s family in Australia made the effort to fly over to attend the ceremony and Candy had all of her relatives and friends there too.

They were so happy and the thought of being separated again soon had not even crossed their minds.

The honey moon was over and it was time for John to return to work.

Oh how he wished that he could just never leave, but everything he had was in Australia.

His home, his job, his life.

He couldn’t just leave his job! How would he support his new wife?

How would he afford to have a home, to buy Candy beautiful things, to take her on holidays to even get to see her??

That was not a realistic option.

John and Candy decided they would reapply for another Visitor Visa, after all, Candy was his wife now and they knew from the last time to ensure that all her documents were legitimate.

So once again John and Candy gathered all the documents they needed and filled out the application with faith and hope in their hearts, that now they were married Candy would be allowed to visit Australia.

For the second time, they were shattered.

John and Candy received a letter from the Department of Immigration advising that Candy could not reapply for the Visitor Visa as she had been banned from Australia for 3 years for supplying false and misleading documents on her first application.

John’s heart had been ripped from his chest.

He was saddened and angry beyond words.

How was this fair?

Candy was his wife, he loved her and he wanted to be with her.

How can anyone keep them apart like this, and for 3 years!!!

John felt as though his whole world had fallen apart and he did not know what to do.

He couldn’t keep taking time off from work to fly back and forth and his health was deteriorating so he was unable to fly as often.

John was devastated, Candy was devastated.

They both felt at a loss and did not know what else to do.

They both wrote letters to Immigration advising they were sorry about the fraudulent documents and that they just wanted to be together, but no amount of sorry letters or begging helped.

It consumed John, it was all he thought about and all he talked about and it sent him into a depression so deep his health got worse and worse.

Johns family were worried, his wife was worried and even his colleagues at work were worried.

Every Storm That Comes, Always Comes To An End

So much so that a work friend decided to mention to John that his brother used an agent to apply for his wife’s visa and that this agent came to him as highly recommended.

It was then that John contacted a Perth based Migration Agent ONE derland Consulting and spoke with Indah Melindasari.

After meeting with Indah, John and Candy’s worries were put at ease.

Indah advised and guided Candy and John on what their options were and what to do next.

John learnt so much from that initial consultation and had gained some knowledge of the immigration laws and the application processes, which was enough to make Candy and himself feel like there was some, if not a little bit of hope.

They were going to apply for a Partner Visa.

With the help of Indah and her wonderful team at ONE derland Consulting, John and Candy’s application was ready and their case was put forward.

Our Perth Migration Agent helped John and Candy with everything.

They advised exactly what documents they would need to get together, what kind of evidence John and Candy would require to support the fact of their relationship and what they needed to do, to prove that the misleading document they submitted with the first visitor visa application was genuinely an honest mistake and that John and Candy were of good character and genuinely in love.

Finally Candy was granted a Partner Visa and was able to go and live with John in Australia permanently.

John and Candy could not express the happiness they felt and the gratitude and thanks that they had for Indah and her team.

John felt that if it was not for their help, that he and Candy may not have ever been able to be together full time and the thought of losing his beautiful Candy was heartbreaking to him.

John now highly recommends ONE derland Consulting to anyone wanting to migrate to Australia or who is planning on bringing their partner from overseas, and he has sworn to never ever give false or misleading information, because he knows first hand, that when it comes to not being able to be with the one you truly love, there is nothing more heartbreaking in the whole world.

So what you can learn from this visa refusal case study?

If you provide fake, false or misleading documents to the Department of Immigration, they reserve the right to and will do the following:

  • Cancel your Visa if it has already been granted
  • Prevent you from being granted another visa for 3 years
  • Refuse your Visa application

If the Department of Immigration finds that you have provided fake and misleading documents they will advise you of this in writing and ask you to respond within 28 days to plead your case and support your claims.

Your immigration agent will be able to help you to respond with compelling reasons to support your case.

It is best to ensure that you provide legitimate documents that have been certified.

A certified document is a copy of an original copy (eg: Birth Certificate) that has been stamped and certified as being a true copy of the original.

Your immigration agent will be able to assist you with verifying and certifying your documents.

If the Department of Immigration has found your documents to be false or misleading and you need help, ONE derland Consulting has extensive experience dealing with different type of visas and complex cases.

Don’t make same mistake as John and Candy did.

Learn from what this visa refusal case study shown.

Get professional help by booking an appointment with Mrs. Indah Melindasari.

If you would like to find further information on your options and eligibility for a visa to Australia please contact our office on (+61) 8 9477-5831 or email: [email protected]

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