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Already-Enrolled International Students Can Now Enter WA


Already-Enrolled International Students Can Now Enter WA

WA border to reopen. After the drama of Western Australian border 180 a few weeks ago, international students who have been officially enrolled into universities in Western Australia are finally welcome to enter the state. But, what are the conditions for this new arrangement?

Things you need to prepare as WA border to reopen

Here are the things you need to prepare and understand before deciding to travel to Western Australia today:

Travel Plan

With the WA border to reopen government has decided to allow international students who are studying in the state to seek entry by:

  • Indirect entry into WA via a transit stop in another Australian city like Sydney, Melbourne, or Brisbane is the most straightforward and recommended approach.
  • Direct flights to Perth are available (within the Federal Government arrivals cap on travellers into WA).

Indirect arrivals are allowed to enter WA through another state or territory, are not subject to the international arrivals cap, and are not required to stay in another state or territory for a minimum period.


All overseas students must be vaccinated twice to enter Australia. The WA Government suggests that students eligible for the third dosage in their native country get it before travelling.

Students must be vaccinated twice to enter Australia


Rooms for self-quarantine are provided at several on-campus accommodation providers. You can stay in a private house or apartment with friends or relatives or an Airbnb-booked room – but everyone else in the house will need to isolate also, meaning they won’t be able to leave for seven days either. You might also book a hotel room and inform the hotel that you are there to self-isolate. When choosing a location to self-quarantine for seven days, keep in mind your needs for space, fresh air, and so on.

For self-quarantine, the following configurations would be acceptable:

  1. A student who is self-quarantining;
  2. A student who is self-quarantining with their family;
  3. A group of students who have been cohabiting (i.e. living together in the same premises, comparable to a family unit) and have travelled to the State together – self-quarantining together – before the quarantine.

According to the WA Government, international students should reserve their quarantine place before applying for a G2G pass because this quarantine address is required to get an authorised G2G pass.

International students who came or will arrive in Perth after January 20, 2022, will receive a one-time, flat-fee payment of $2,000 from the Western Australian government to help with quarantine-related fees.

Financial support for International Students from the WA Government

Along with the WA border to reopen for International students they might also qualify them for a quarantine instalment of AUD 2,000 from the WA Government. Additional data, including applying for this instalment, is accessible at the WA Government site here.

Apply for a G2G Pass

A G2G Pass is expected for all travellers to WA, matured 16 years or more established, and any kid travel unaccompanied (paying little heed to progress in years). Applications can be made as long as 60 days before the expected travel date on the WA Government G2G Pass. Returning students should choose Enrolled students in WA’’ as their classification to fall inside the new travel rules.

Assuming understudies have recently applied and were rejected, they can reapply. Yet, they need to guarantee that they dislike their unique application and give additional proof or documentation.

The University has been working intimately with WA Police, who are responsible for enforcing the G2G applications. WA Police have informed us that numerous G2G applications are being dismissed because insufficient data is being provided.

Additional steps for International Travellers to WA

Information on the requirements needed before departure, including finishing the Digital Passenger Declaration and undertaking your pre-takeoff COVID-19 testing, are listed on the Department of Home Affairs site.

Additional steps for travellers to WA from another Australian State or Territory

Additional steps for travellers to WA from another Australian State or Territory

Travellers from another State or Territory should give confirmation of a negative Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) or negative PCR test taken inside 24 hours preceding departing on their travel to WA.

Extra Post-Study Work Rights In WA

With the WA border to reopen for international students in WA can remain in the state long after graduation to acquire meaningful work experience. The Australian Government has designated Perth as a Category 2 City and Major Regional Centre, meaning international students who complete their study in WA might apply for a second post-study work visa.

This rule implies qualified students who complete their examinations in Perth might be able to remain for 4 to 6 years, depending upon the degree of study.


  • Ensure your COVID-19 vaccination information meets Australian requirements;
  • Confirm travel arrangements;
  • Arrange suitable premises for self-quarantine;
  • Apply for your G2G Pass;
  • Complete your pre-departure COVID-19 testing;
  • International travellers must also complete a Digital Passenger Declaration.

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