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What is a No Further Stay Condition and How to Waive the Condition in November 2022?


What is a No Further Stay Condition and How to Waive the Condition in November 2022?

Any Australian visa always comes with conditions imposed on them; one of them is called the “8503 – No Further Stay” condition. The “No Further Stay” condition is commonly imposed on Australian temporary visas.

Just like its name, the “No Further Stay” condition does not allow the visa holder to stay further in Australia after the visa expiry date. It means the holder cannot extend their stay by applying for other types of substantive visas.

However, if you have an urgent matter that requires you to remain in Australia, you may get your “8503 – No Further Stay” condition waived. Here we will give you complete guidelines on just how to do so.

no further stay condition

What is a No Further Stay Condition?

The “No Further Stay” condition is a visa condition that is usually imposed on an Australian temporary visa. The condition does not allow visa holders to extend their stay or apply for other types of visas while onshore.

So, you must leave Australia first and then apply for a new visa application offshore to be able to enter Australia again.

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List of Australian Visa with “8503 – No Further Stay Condition”

8503 condition is usually mandatory for the following visa subclasses:

  • Visitor Visa (subclass 600) – Sponsored Family Stream;
  • Visitor Visa (subclass 600) – Approved Destination Stream;
  • Visitor Visa (subclass 600) – Tourist Stream, if sponsorship has been imposed on it;
  • Training and Research Visa (subclass 402) – Professional Development Stream;
  • Work and Holiday Visa (subclass 462) – if you have previously held a 462 visa twice before.

no further stay waiver

How to Check if My Visa has This Condition?

There are two easy ways to check if your visa has the 8503 condition attached or not.

  1. Check your Visa grant letter
    The easiest way is by checking your visa grant letter. You will find a list of visa conditions on the first page of the visa grant letter.

    If you find 8503 – No Further Stay condition listed there, you are not allowed to extend your stay in Australia

  2. Visit VEVO to check your visa status

    If you lost your Visa grant letter, you might visit VEVO check and find all the visa conditions imposed on your visa. The VEVO check will also give you detailed information about your current visa, including the validity period.

    To check your visa status on VEVO check, you only need to prepare the details of your passport with the transaction reference number of your application or your visa grant number.

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How to Waive “No Further Stay Condition”?

You must lodge the request to waive the 8503 condition through an online request form. The request form is available on the Department of Home Affairs; official website. 

In what situation can you waive the condition?

You can only submit a request to waive the 8503 condition if you have major changes in your situation. These changes must be out of your control. Examples of major changes that the Department of Home Affairs might consider:

  • unable to travel for a medical reason
  • death or severe illness of a close family
  • natural disaster in the home country
  • war or civil unrest in the home country
  • your school cannot provide your approved course

If you wish to check your eligibility, please get in touch with us via email at [email protected] or via phone at 1300 827 159.

What is the Processing Time and Cost?

There is no exact processing time for the 8503 – No Further Stay condition waiver. However, the request application might take around 1 – 2 months, depending on the reason and case submitted.

There is also no charge for the request.

What Happens If the Request is Approved?

You can apply for a substantive visa onshore if the waiver request is approved. So, you can extend your stay by applying for other temporary or permanent Australian visas.

What Happens If the Request is not Approved?

In contrast, you cannot lodge any visa applications onshore if the waiver is not approved. You must leave Australia before your visa expires.

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Are you facing an urgency and needing to waive the condition?

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