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4 Must-Dos if Your Australian Visa Application is Rejected


4 Things To Do if Your Australian Visa Application is Rejected

Facing a situation where your Australian visa application is rejected is very painful. It feels like all of your time, efforts and money are worthless. If you’re in this situation, don’t worry. This is not the end of your journey to Australia.

You still have the chance to re-apply for the Australian visa, but before that you must do these 4 things if your Australian visa application is rejected.

As the beginning, let’s see the common reasons for Visa Application refusal cases.

Australian Visa Application Refusal - What Are Your Options and How to Appeal (2)

Common Reasons for Australian Visa Application is Rejected

It is important to understand the common reasons for a visa application refusal. In that way, you can decide on what to do next.

The 4 common reasons for visa application refusal are:

  • Not meeting the general requirements. You must pay attention to the general requirements such as age, English, financial, requirement to hold a private insurance, character requirements, etc. If you’re unsure whether you meet the requirements or not, it’s best to contact a Registered Migration Agent and do at least an initial consultation to avoid refusal.
  • Providing false information. This is the worst of all. You will face a possibility of being canceled a visa and banned from entering Australia for up to 3 years. 
  • Lacking ties to home country. This commonly happens to Australian temporary visa applications. Ties here refer to your commitments in your home country, like employment, business, family, assets, etc.
  • Missing the deadline for providing requested additional information. The Department of Home Affairs usually sends you a notification requesting further information or documents for the purpose of assessing your application. There will be deadlines for completing the requests. If you missed the deadlines, your application will be rejected.

There are other reasons behind a refusal case, including:

  • The application raises one or more complex legal or factual issues which are decided against the applicant;
  • Insufficient evidence is presented to the Department of Immigration. This may include inadequate documentation to prove your identity, finances, employment status, or other requirements of the visa.
  • The case wasn’t properly explained to the Department of Immigration;
  • The claims of the applicant were not believed;
  • Did not meet the health requirements;
  • Have past criminal convictions;
  • Not all the required documents were provided;
  • Providing false information or documents;
  • Insufficient proof of funds to support yourself in Australia;
  • Applied for the wrong course;
  • The course is not in line with your previous studies;
  • A miscalculation in points;
  • Failure in providing concrete future plans;
  • The sponsor of the application failed to meet the requirements;
  • A combination of all of these factors.

Example of a client’s refusal letter

example refusal letter

Do you have a Australia Visa Refused? Feel free to arrange a consultation with our registered migration agent and we can discuss the best plan for you.

Next Thing to Check When Your Australian Visa Application is Rejected: Do you have review rights or no?

This is important as the information will lead you either to lodge a new application or submit a review application to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal.

Note that not all refusal cases are given a review right, so check your refusal letter carefully. The following will apply according to the information stated on your refusal letter:

  1. There is No “Review Rights” stated on your refusal letter. If this applies to you, then the only option is to submit a new Australian visa application.
  2. There is “Review Rights” stated on your refusal letter. If this applies to you, then you have a chance to submit a review application to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal, or else you can submit a new visa application.

You can do either of the above mentioned only after you have reviewed the following 4 tips.

4 Must-Do Tips When Your Australian Visa is Rejected

Now, we know some common reasons behind a visa refusal case. What should you do if you face these situations?

It is critical to make the right decision moving forward. Sharing this information is aimed to help you in better understanding the reason for your refusal and what actions you must take to avoid the same result.

Take a look at the 4 top must-do tips from our registered migration expert, Mrs. Indah Melindasari after you get the crushing news that your visa application has been rejected:

  1. Understand why your visa application is rejected or refused
  2. Gather the information that was insufficient in your first visa application
  3. Re-ensure you are actually eligible for this visa before you reapply or make an appeal
  4. Get a certified Australian immigration agent before reapplying or appeal

1. Understand why your visa application is rejected or refused

Take a look at the reasons listed above and check it with your refusal letter. Once you understand the reason for the refusal, the next step will be easy for you to do.

If you find it difficult or if you believe that you have met all the requirements but still got your visa refused, you can call us and discuss your concerns with our professional team.

2. Gather the information that was insufficient in your first visa application

Now you understand the reason, it’s time to gather the information that was sufficient and led you to a visa refusal. For example, if your visa was refused due to the lack of ties in your home country, then you must prepare more documents as evidence of your incentives to return home before your visa expires.

Example of refusal letter based on lack of ties in the home country

Example of refusal letter based on lack of ties in home country

3. Re-ensure you are actually eligible for this visa before you reapply or make an appeal

Don’t lodge a new application or submit a review application to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal if you’re unsure whether you meet the criteria for the visa application.

Read again all requirements stated for your visa and ask yourself, “Do I meet this aspect?”

Otherwise, you can do the next tips.

4. Get a certified Australian immigration agent before reapplying or appeal

You may think appointing a registered migration agent is only a waste of money, but think again.

A registered migration agent has many experiences in handling visa applications, including those cases with refusal history. A registered migration agent is also tied with a Code of Conduct in which one of them is to be transparent with their clients. A registered migration agent will advise you in a transparent manner. They will inform you on what was missed on your first application, what you should do on your next application, or even whether you’re eligible for the visa that you aim for.

So, is hiring a registered migration agent still a waste of money?

Review application to AAT: Steps, Cost and Processing Time

If you’re planning to submit a review application to the AAT, make sure you are well informed with the steps, cost and processing time.

The easiest way to submit a review application is through the AAT online portal. You can submit a review application to the AAT through the AAT Online Portal. Otherwise, you can submit your application by email (max 10MB attachments) or letter.

The current processing time until the AAT opens your case is between 293 – 513 days (9 – 17 months), and the application cost for appeal australia visa rejected is AUD 3,374.

Once it is opened, you will be invited to attend a hearing. During this process, the AAT will decide on the outcome of your review application. Types of decision for the review include:

  • Affirm the decision: the decision is not changed
  • Vary the decision: the decision is changed
  • Set aside the decision and substitute a new decision: the decision is replaced with a new decision
  • Set aside and remit the decision: the matter is sent back to the decision-maker to make a new decision.

Read this article to get the detailed and updated information: What to do If My Australian Visa Gets Rejected? How To Appeal To AAT

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