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Partner Visa Refused in 2024: Why? And How to Avoid It?


Has your Australian partner visa been refused recently? Do you want to know why?

There are many reasons that may lead to your Australian partner visa being refused, and they usually are related to one another. One of the main reasons that lead to your Partner Visa being refused is that your relationship is not genuine in the eyes of immigration due to lack of evidence or information.

You must understand that the Partner Visa application requires complex evidence and documents more than just being in a committed relationship. It also requires full attention for regular checking and updating the application with the most recent documentation of your relationship. Thus, the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) strongly advises to engage professional service from a Registered Migration Agent to avoid Australian Partner Visa refusal.

And with over 10 years of experience assisting clients with their Australian Partner Visa being refused, I can take 7 common reasons behind it which I will explain in details below.

Australian Partner Visa Refusal

7 Common Reason of Partner Visa Australia Being Refused

There are 7 common reasons that cause your Partner Visa application refused:

  1. Your relationship is not genuine in the eyes of immigration
  2. Failed to respond to the requests of the Embassy or Immigration case officer
  3. Failed during the Interview process
  4. Fraudulent or bogus document/information
  5. Failed to meet the health requirements
  6. Failed to meet the Character requirements
  7. You have Section 48 bar and Schedule 3 criteria

Reason #1: Your Relationship is not Genuine in the Eyes of Immigration

The number one reason that leads to your Partner Visa being refused is that your relationship is not genuine in the eyes of immigration. There are other factors that may lead to this, for example you did not provide sufficient documents and information to your application, like you didn’t provide any pictures together, no joint bank accounts, no records of text messages or phone calls, you didn’t travel together or the sponsor never even came to see you in your home country.

Your Partner Visa will also be refused when you cannot give details of the relationship, or the details from you and your partner do not match up. All are definite reasons for an Australian Partner Visa refusal case.

So, what must you do to avoid your Partner Visa being refused? It is simple, yet complex. You must make the Department of Home Affairs believe that your relationship is genuine and continuing by providing as much evidence as possible.

The more evidence you provide, the higher the chance of your Partner Visa being approved. Keep in mind that the Department of Home Affairs does not have any idea of how your relationship has been going and how much you love each other, so you must show these aspects through all documentation that you have.

Reason #2: Failed to Respond to the Requests of the Embassy or Immigration Case Officer

It happens in most partner visa refusal cases that I handled over 10 years. If you ever think that submitting your Partner Visa application is the end of your visa journey, you are completely wrong.

The Department of Home Affairs might send you requests to provide a further document or information which is necessary for your Australian Partner Visa assessment. It may include a request to undergo a health examination or provide further documents to show your genuine relationship. There is a deadline to complete these requests, so ensure to check your Immi Account or your email regularly.

Failing on completing the requests means you failed to provide enough documentation and your partner visa will be refused based on this. This is why I mentioned before that Partner Visa application requires full attention and commitment.

If you find being committed to checking your Immi Account or email regularly is quite challenging, you can book a consultation with me to discuss this matter. Don’t worry, it is backed by our 100% Money Back Guarantee Program.

Reason #3: Failed during the Interview process

As part of the assessment process of your Partner Visa application, the Department of Home Affairs may invite you and your partner for an interview. An interview is still relevant and necessary in some cases, especially when the Department of Home Affairs found limited evidence of the relationship’s genuineness.

During the interview, the Department of Home Affairs will ask several questions about your relationship, including:

  • your partner’s birthday,
  • how the relationship was established and developed,
  • any important dates about your relationship,
  • details of each other’s family, like sibling or parents,
  • how you met each other for the first time, etc.

If your relationship is genuine, it would not be difficult to recall this information. Once you truly love each other, you live with every little detail about your partner and your relationship.

When you could not answer these questions, it would lead to an assumption that you and your partner are not in a genuine relationship, as you do not even know each other. Thus, your Partner Visa application will be refused.

This situation only has 1 simple answer, that is you must remember every little thing that happens in your relationship, like your anniversary dates, your partner’s birthday, your first date with your partner, your partner’s hobbies, etc. And I believe it does not need a lot of effort to remember any of these when you truly love your partner.

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Reason #4: Fraudulent or bogus document/information

Providing fraudulent or bogus document/information to your Partner Visa application will not only cause Partner Visa refusal, but this may also result in qualifying you to violate the public interest criteria PIC 4020. The consequences are fatal. First, your Partner Visa will be surely refused and you may not be granted any Australian visas for a period of 10 years.

Examples of providing bogus documents would be, when you try to create a fake divorce certificate from your previous relationship, a fake marriage certificate from your country, or fake documents to show the evidence of your relationship. Or even in a worse scenario in which you pay someone to be your sponsor so you can extend your stay in Australia.

If you think that the Department of Home Affairs will not notice or verify it – you are completely wrong, because every bit of information you provide, and all documents you submit will go through their integrity check.

The Department of Home Affairs will use their means and facility to verify each document and information  you submitted, and if the details or data you provided were found to be different than what they found, your Partner Visa will be refused. Although you may be asked to provide comments by the case officer within the prescribed period of time, the chance to get the application approved is very low.

Australian Partner Visa Refused

Reason #5: Failed to Meet the Health requirements

You must understand that the Department of Home Affairs has specified the health criteria for the Australian Partner Visa and as the applicant, you must meet the criteria. It is also applicable  when you have any dependents on your Partner Visa application.

In assessing the health criteria, the Department of Home Affairs will ask you to undergo a health assessment, which usually includes x-rays and general medical check. These medical examinations and x-rays are conducted by a specific panel of doctors chosen by Immigration. If you do not do a health examination or do not meet the requirements for the exam, this could be the reason your Partner visa was refused.

Generally, the Department of Home Affairs will give you a chance to waive the health requirement by providing comments and how you are able to cover all health care costs while you are in Australia.

This health waiver case study might help you, otherwise you can always discuss your situation with me. I’m here to help you, so you don’t need to worry about any judgement.

Reason #6: Failed to meet the Character requirements

Same thing goes for character requirements. The Department of Home Affairs has set the character requirement you must meet. Your Australian Partner Visa will be refused if you as the applicant or your partner as the sponsor do not pass the character requirements for the visa due to the following:

  • You have a substantial criminal record,
  • You have been associated with people or groups that Immigration suspects of being involved in criminal activities,
  • Your prior or current criminal or general conduct is of concern to Immigration, or Immigration is concerned that while you are in Australia, there is a high risk that you may: be involved in criminal conduct, harass, molest, intimidate or stalk another person, vilify part of the Australian community, incite discord in the Australian community, or represent a danger to the Australian community.

“So, does it mean that I don’t have any chances to get a partner visa if I or my sponsor have a criminal record?”

Well, it depends on the criminal record and your circumstances. It is best to understand how much your character background will impact your visa application in the first place. And it is best to engage with a Registered Migration Agent if you face challenging situations like this. Having a Registered Migration Agent behind your case will ease your concern as you will be guided with the best way out.

Reason #7: You have Section 48 bar and Schedule 3 criteria

Section 48 Bar and Schedule 3 Criteria commonly apply to your Partner Visa application when you previously have overstayed your Australian visa or had your visa cancelled or refused.

These are the regulations that will apply to whether or not you can have a successful onshore Partner Visa application (or other substantive visas) after overstaying or being refused/cancelled an Australian visa in the past. If you fail to get Section 48 waived or meet the Schedule 3 Criteria, then your Partner Visa application will be refused.

Waiving Section 48 Bar and Schedule 3 Criteria can be frustrating. So, book an appointment now and let’s discuss your case to find the best way out. There’s a 100% refund guarantee if you’re not satisfied with the service. And I have a 98% success rate and experts in complex cases.

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Other Aspect to Note to Avoid Partner Visa Refused: Sponsorship Limitation

Another aspect to note to avoid your Partner Visa being refused is the sponsorship limitation. You must understand that sponsorship limitation applies to Australian Partner Visa applications. It is best to check this prior to lodging your partner visa application or else your application will be invalid or refused.

The sponsorship limitation means:

  • Your sponsor can only sponsor 2 spouses/de facto partners/fiance in their lifetime.
  • Your sponsor cannot sponsor you if they have previously sponsored their ex-partner and it has passed a 5 years period.
  • Your sponsor cannot sponsor you if they have been granted a Partner Visa or Prospective Marriage Visa less than 5 years ago.

The sponsorship limitation can be waived but only in certain circumstances. If you are in an urgent situation that requires you to waive the sponsorship limitation, you can discuss it with me.

Your Option After Your Partner Visa Refused

Generally, when you Partner Visa application gets refused, you will have two options:

I believe you will choose the second option because you will fight everything so you can live with your partner in Australia. But before that, you must check the “review right” stated on your refusal letter.

If the Department of Home Affairs gives you the review right, then you can lodge a Merits review to the AAT within the deadline. If there’s no review right, you have to leave the country before your Bridging Visa expires.

The AAT will decide your application in one of the following:

  • Affirm indicates that the AAT will not modify the initial decision.
  • Vary denotes a decision that has been modified or altered by the AAT.
  • Set aside denotes a partial agreement by the AAT with the incorrectness of the initial decision.
  • Replace or Remit the Decision: At this point, the AAT’s instructions or recommendations will be followed by the DHA in reevaluating the application.

Merit review takes complex processes and long processing time. But you can use the time provided to prepare stronger evidence and documentation, and I am here ready to assist you.

If attending or submitting a Merits review seems complicated to you and you’re not confident to do it alone, I am ready to submit, attend and handle your Merits review from scratch to give you the best possible outcome.

Book Your Consultation - 100% Money Back Guarantee 2

How ONE derland Consulting can Help You with Your Partner Visa Refused Case

Please note that these are not the only reasons that your partner visa can be refused, they are just the most common reasons for refusal, based on previous experience and information.

Submitting a partner visa application without proper preparations will cost you money and a chance to reunite in Australia. This is why the Australian Department of Home Affairs (DHA) recommends seeking professional help before submitting a partner visa application.

And here how ONE derland Consulting will assist you in avoiding your Australian Partner Visa being refused:

  • We will provide you with a tailored document checklist, to help you gather all of the required documentation.
  • We will provide you with templates for letters, statements and affidavits.
  • We will liaise with the Department of Home Affairs on your and your partner’s behalf, ensuring any information requests and deadlines are met on time, and we will provide a compelling submission along with the application, explaining compelling reasons to have your Partner Visa application approved.
  • We will also ensure the application is 100% bulletproof before submitting.

ONEderland Consulting has more than 10 years of experience handling various cases of partner visas whether for partner visa applications or partner visa refusal appeals. We are recognised as one of the highest-rated partner visa experts in Perth as we have a 98% success rate. Read our 4.9* score customer reviews.

Take the first step and get in touch with us. Our team members are professional, honest and speak various languages such as Mandarin/Chinese, Bahasa Indonesia, Arabic, Japanese, and Thai. Contact us through email at [email protected] or via phone on 1300 827 159. Alternatively, you may book your consultation online, and it is backed by our 100% Money Back Guarantee Program.

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