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Why My Student Visa Is Denied Or Refused


Do You Want To Know Why Your Student Visa Is Denied Or Refused?

Are you wondering why your Australian student visa is denied or refused?

I know it can be devastating to receive a refused visa from Immigration, when all your hopes and dreams were wrapped up in the decision.

It’s impacting your education that you’ve been meticulously planned.

So I thought it best to cover the most common reasons why your Australian student visa denied.

Let’s get into the most common reasons for your Student Visa to be refused:

Every year thousands of international students come to Australia to study but the process is actually getting the Student Visa for some students may be more difficult than others.

This will depend on your home countries assessment level and, as on 1 July 2016, your educational provider choice and the personal circumstances of each particular student.

The Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) criteria was put in place as a further safeguard to help Immigration identify a genuine student over someone just wanting to come to Australia or wanting to leave their home country.

GTE was designed as just a guide and cannot be used throughout the entire student visa application.

11 Reasons Why Australian Student Visa Denied Or Refused By Australian Immigration.

Student Visa Refusal Reason

The reasons listed below will give you some possible indications as to why your student visa may be refused from Immigration:

1. The student did not meet the living cost criteria.

Unable to meet the living cost criteria could be the reason why your student visa denied or refused.

It is important that you need to have sufficient funds that are genuinely available to you;

  • to pay for your course fees,
  • to travel and living costs for you, and
  • your accompanying family members while you are in Australia.

When using a sponsor for the course in a higher assessment level country, the applicant or the sponsor should provide at least a minimum of 3 months of previous bank statements before the lodgment of the application for a student visa.

The sponsor must be can only be an immediate family member for the student visa.

For this type of application under the assessment done by Immigration for a sponsor.

If you do not provide this evidence or information with your application or when you are asked to do so by your case officer, your application could end up a refused visa.

2. Big gap of unemployment or education

You could also have your student visa denied if the student has a big gap in unemployment or education.

Pair that with the fact student did not provide enough evidence to demonstrate why they could not get a job in their country of residence or for why they stopped studying and wish to continue that now.

This will be reasons as to why you would not have the incentive to return to your home country,

as you are not established in this country.

Student Visa Refusal

3. Being unaware of their course program

Some case of student visa denied starts from the applicant own ignorance.

If the student is not aware of their course of study in Australia, where the education provider is located, and name of the institution or university in Australia.

If the student, during the phone interview with the case officer from Immigration, cannot explain what they want to study, why they wish to study the course or they could not address any questions asked by Immigration.

This would lead them to assume the student does really not want to study the course.

4. Questionable motives to study in Australia

Be careful with what your partner or spouse says when going through the interview process.

Because their answer could lead to your student visa denied or refused.

Say the student’s partner or spouse is included in the application and yet, during the interview, the spouse boldly states “I want to accompany the student in Australia while they are studying and I can then work.”

The partner or spouse of the student is also not well established in their country of residence.

This may have the case officer look into a possible denied visa for the student visa with the accompanying dependent (partner or spouse).

5. Providing a fraudulent or bogus document.

If you give Immigration a fraudulent or bogus document, this may result to qualify you for the public interest criteria PIC4020.

An example of this would be, when you try to alter the figures on your income tax or your salary information and thought that Immigration might not notice or verify it – you would be completely wrong.

Because every bit of information you provide, and all documents you submit will go through their integrity check.

Then they will use their means and facility to verify each document, and if the details or data you provided were found to be different than what they found, expect a denied visa, although you may be asked to provide comments by the case officer within the prescribed period of time.

6. Undertaking an unrelated program to their existing qualification.

The chosen course program the applicant wishes to undertake in Australia will not relate to the existing qualification or experience of the student or, if a major career change is sought after by the student.

You could have a refused visa if you enroll in a course that was not credible enough to satisfy the case officer from Immigration.

For example, you have a bachelor’s degree in Hotel Management and have worked for many years in this field and all of a sudden you want to pursue another Bachelor of Accounting in Australia.

7. Failed to respond to the embassy or immigration case officer requests

This sounds so simple yet it causes many student visas are denied or refused.

You have failed to respond to the requests of the embassy or Immigration case officer, regarding additional documentation or information.

Or you did not complete your medical examination to continue the assessment of your student visa application.

This would mean you did not provide enough documentation and your visa was refused based on this.

8. You have no concrete future plans in regards to the study course program in Australia.

9. The student failed to provide evidence of your English language ability.

For example, you scored below a 4.5 overall in your IELTS test and didn’t retake it, or

your test was 5.0 overall but you took it 3 years ago.

Both of these will receive a refusal from Immigration for your student visa.

As you are required to have an acceptable English language score and the English test must have been taken within the last 2 years.

10. Failed to meet health requirements.

The student did not meet the health requirements needed for the student visa.

All applicants for an Australian student visa must meet certain health requirements for temporary entry to Australia.

These medical examinations and x-rays are conducted by specific panel doctors chosen by Immigration.

If you do not do a health examination or do not meet the requirements for the exam, this could be the reason your visa was refused.

The level of health exam you must undergo depends entirely on these factors: the activities you plan on doing while in Australia (such as, entering a classroom), your intended length of stay in Australia and your country of residence prior to entering Australia.

11. Failed to meet character requirements.

You may have been refused if you as the applicant do not pass the character requirements for the visa.

Your student visa application may not be granted the character test if:

  • You have a substantial criminal record,
  • Have been associated with people or groups that Immigration suspects of being involved in criminal activities,
  • Your prior or current criminal or general conduct is of concern to Immigration,
  • or Immigration is concerned that while you are in Australia,

There is a high risk that you may:

  • Be involved in criminal conduct, harass, molest, intimidate or stalk another person,
  • vilify part of the Australian community,
  • incite discord in the Australian community,
  • or represent a danger to the Australian community.

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