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Working in Perth and Migrating to Perth


Western Australia; the largest state in Australia, is home to some of the richest natural resources and some of the greatest employment opportunities across a wide sweep of industries.

If you are seeking a marvelous lifestyle of pristine beaches, incredible landscapes, fun-filled weekend activities for families such as an aquarium, theme parks and a zoo, fantastic entertainment platforms such as cinemas, restaurants, bars and the like, convenient public transport infrastructure and a clean, safe and healthy environment, perhaps migrating to Perth is on your horizon.

The thriving and expanding working permit visa scheme is a reliable, prosperous and opportunity driven program designed to cater for skilled workers seeking a better lifestyle, a change of scenery or to simply broaden their horizons and gain career experience.

Working in Perth will gift you with experience unique and exclusive to Australia regardless of the industry in which you are employed.

The work-rights to employees in Australia are fair, offer job security and protection – be it to an Australian citizen, a permanent resident or a temporary resident.

This goes to show working in Perth can provide a stable environment as well as a steady and happy future.

Moving to Australia on working visas is now at a peak and figures have heightened over the past few years.

As of April 2013, there were 108,810 skilled immigrant 457 visa holders residing and under legal employment in Australia.

This equals a 20% increase in numbers since April 2012.

April 2013 also measured the highest amount of 457 workers in Australia in history.

Cooks are in very high demand, increasing almost 100% in applications granted year after year.

Second to none, Customer Service Managers have had the largest increase across the board heightening by almost 215% year after year.

Just to name a few others, highly approved 457 application occupations include the following:

  • Developers
  • Developers/Programmers
  • Marketing Specialists
  • General Practitioners
  • Accountants
  • Cafe/Restaurant Managers
  • University Lecturers

Information obtained from: http://www.guardian.co.uk/news/datablog/2013/jun/18/457-visa-statistics-workers.

The most 457 visa grants went ahead in the state of New South Wales (where Sydney is the Capital), with Western Australia (the mining state, where Perth is the Capital) coming in close behind.

The state of Victoria (where Melbourne is the Capital) came in third with 11940 granted applications, with the remaining states falling behind.

The overall median annual salary of 457 workers in Australia is currently at $89,300, and the minimum annual salary for a 457 visa holder is $53,900 which is more than ample funds to cover living costs in Australia.

You are able to list family dependants on your application when applying to the 457 visa application program, enabling you to bring your spouse, children, etc. to Australia to enjoy the change of scenery with you.

With the 457 working visa, you can work up to 4 years in Australia, your family members can come, work and study in Australia and you can travel in and out to Australia for unlimited numbers for the duration of your 457 visa.

This visa will also give you the opportunity to apply for a permanent residency after 2 years working in the same company.

For more information about the Migrating to Australia on a 457 working visa and how to apply, you may visit our website: www.onederland.com.au or contact us on +61 8 9477 5831.

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